Sustainability in Focus – Webinar with Prof. Dr. Christian Berg

The challenge of sustainability is focus of the short webinar on 24 April 2024 from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. In a world crossing boundaries and marked by increasing polarization, Prof. Dr. Christian Berg, as the leader of the webinar, will shed light on complex questions.

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The question of sustainability has been occupying humanity for decades, and yet we still are not on a sustainable path. At the same time, we observe increasing polarization in many societies. While some people are becoming more concerned about the climate crisis and the degradation of our ecosystems, others blatantly deny the existence of any problems. 

Prof. Dr. Christian Berg will lead the webinar “Is Sustainability Utopian? Complex Challenges and Concrete Action Principles”: 

He is not only a speaker, author, and moderator but also a renowned expert in sustainability. His central concern is to find ways for as many people as possible to lead a good life without endangering the future. The economy plays a crucial role in this, and companies can contribute through sustainable practices. You can read more about this in his books

Prof. Dr. Christian Berg brings an impressive academic background: with studies in physics, philosophy, and theology, as well as several doctorates, including one in engineering, he engages with the question of how we can responsibly interact with the world. 

The webinar will introduce a framework for the principles of sustainable action and discuss them using some examples. Participation in this short webinar offers the opportunity to gain insight into complex challenges and develop concrete principles for a more sustainable future. 

Booking participation: Sign up now and become part of the discussion on the future of sustainability. 

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