MSE Congress 2024: New Deadline for Abstract Submissions – 01 March 2024!

The deadline for abstract submission for the MSE Congress 2024 has been extended until 1 March 2024, due to high demand. Researchers and experts are invited to share their insights and to network with each other.

Due to high demand we are pleased to inform you that the deadline for abstract submissions has been extended until 01 March 2024. With the approaching deadline, we warmly invite all researchers, scientists, and industry experts to share their insights at MSE Congress 2024.

This extension provides the final opportunity to present your research through lectures and posters and connect with the community of materials science and engineering. Use the opportunity to take advantage of the extended submission deadline in the upcoming days!  

This year’s topics are: 

1. Biomaterials: Examines the intersection of science, technology, and biomedicine, addressing applications in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and 3D bioprinting.  

2. Characterization: Decodes material microstructures through symposia on tomographic imaging, in-situ analysis, and multiscale materials characterization.  

3. Digital Transformation: Navigates the digital revolution in material science, covering areas such as AI in materials processing and digital circular economy.  

4. Functional Materials: Explores innovations in functional materials, sustainable energy applications, and data-driven materials research.  

5. Circular Materials: Addresses challenges and opportunities in circular materials, sustainable tribology, and materials recycling.  

6. Modelling and Simulation: Embraces the new age of modeling and simulation in material science, including computational thermodynamics and kinetics.  

7. Processing and Synthesis: Explores innovative material creation techniques, from nanoscale materials to polymeric materials.  

8. Structural Materials: Focuses on advanced steels, intermetallic phases, and other matrix performance aspects.  

The MSE Congress 2024 offers a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the eight topic areas, make valuable contacts and present your research. Therefore, make sure to submit your contributions before the deadline on 01 March 2024. 

We look forward to welcoming you at MSE 2024 and exploring the future of materials science and engineering together. 

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