Shape the future of the "DGM-Tag": Invitation to an interactive lunch talk

The dynamic nature of materials science and engineering opens up new horizons and challenges that we must tackle together. As the driving force behind innovation and progress, your active participation is crucial. We therefore cordially invite you to our next Lunch Talk, an opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas on the future of the "DGM-Tag" and the DGM's General Assembly.

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, collaboration is the key to progress. The German Materials Society (DGM) therefore invites you to be part of a discussion that will shape the future of the “DGM-Tag” and our General Assembly.

On 11 June 2024 from 12:00 to 01:00 p.m., a virtual Lunch Talk will provide space for an inspiring and constructive exchange. This meeting offers you the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts and suggestions to make our events even more appealing and sustainable.

The topic of the meeting is clearly defined: We want to discuss how we can increase the appeal of the “DGM-Tag” and the General Assembly. The focus will be on the diversity of your perspectives, as it is your ideas and experiences that make our events lively.

The questions we want to explore together revolve around various aspects, including:

  1. Member participation: How can we motivate more members to actively participate in our events?
  2. Content and topics: What content and topics are of particular interest to you and should be focused on more in the future?
  3. Format and structure: What changes to the format or structure of the “DGM-Tag” could make the event more engaging and interactive?
  4. Networking opportunities: How can we create more effective networking opportunities during the “DGM-Tag” to encourage interaction between members?

This discussion thrives on your participation and insights. Your opinions and suggestions are invaluable in making the “DGM-Tag” an even more meaningful event. Even if you are unable to attend the virtual meeting, we value your input. Feel free to email us your thoughts at

Your continued support and engagement are key to our shared success. Sign up nowand let's shape the future of the “DGM-Tag” together.

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