Understanding Soldering to Utilize New Material Concepts

The DGM Training Course " Löten – Grundlagen und Anwendungen" teaches possibilities of soldering modern high-performance materials with a focus on brazing. The event, under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin (RWTH Aachen University), will take place from 11 to 12 September 2024 in Aachen, Germany.

As a versatile joining process, soldering opens up new dimensions in joining technology, particularly in the production of high-quality same-type or dissimilar joints with optimized properties.

A targeted selection of soldering process technology and filler material makes it possible to create highly resilient joints from a wide variety of base materials without changing their property profiles. Our DGM training course "Löten - Grundlagen und Anwendungen" provides knowledge of soldering modern high-performance materials using different processes. In terms of content, the focus is on hard soldering.

The lecturers will provide participants with in-depth knowledge about soldering. Learn how to choose the right solder for your application or understand the effects of different atmospheres and heating methods on soldering quality. In addition to an introduction to the basics of metal soldering, practical demonstrations will address issues relating to soldering technology and analysis. 
Take this opportunity to expand your personal knowledge of materials and get to know your fellow experts. Take a look at the training programm!

This training course is particularly aimed at engineers and scientists from development and industrial production who want to acquire basic knowledge in the field of soldering technology. However, managers, sales staff and further interested parties are also invited to register to learn the basics and applications of soldering. Secure your participation now! 

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