Last Meeting of the Working Group "In-situ Inspection in the Scanning Electron Microscope" ...

... before the name change of the working group to "In situ 2D and 3D characterization".

The invitation of Dr. Anja Weidner to the 9th meeting of the WG "In-situ Testing in the Scanning Electron Microscope" at the Institute of Materials Technology (IWT) at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg was accepted by 15 members from different parts of Germany. On 05 and 06 October 2022, after corona-related two-year online meetings, the participants finally met again in presence during the 1.5-day event to present and discuss current topics of in situ testing in the scanning electron microscope. After the welcoming words with a short introduction of the IWT by the institute director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Biermann, a round of introductions followed, in which all participants presented both their technical possibilities and questions of interest to them.

An essential decision of the working group was to manifest the future thematic opening in the direction of in-situ investigations in the computer tomograph also in the naming of the working group. At its next meeting, the working group of the joint committee "Scanning Electron Microscopy in Materials Testing" will meet under its new name "In situ 2D and 3D Characterization". Kammrath & Weiss GmbH has invited to the 10th meeting in spring 2023. The Schwerte-based company specializes in the development and production of high-precision microsystems, in particular thermomechanical and positioning tools for in-situ measurements in electromicroscopes.

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