Report of the DGM Young Talent Committee: Rotation and getting to know each other

More public relations work, stronger cooperation with the cooperation partners, and diverse offers for young people. The DGM Young Talent Committee met and set its goals for 2023.

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For the first time this year, the DGM Young Talent Committee met on 21 February 2023. Dr.-Ing. Denise Beitelschmidt, Chair of the DGM Young Talent Committee, warmly welcomed the 15 participants to the online meeting. The introductory round at the beginning of the event was followed by the agenda with reporting for 2022 and the outlook for 2023.

Report of the federal team and yDGM events

Young-DGM podcast, biscuit baking, Advent calendar - Federal spokesperson Manuel Best confirmed the lively activity of the yDGM. The committee underlined the importance of a high level of participation by its members in these and other events planned for 2023, such as the DGM Young Scientist's Forum, in order to proactively engage with young people.

News from the working groups

Positive reports came from the working group of the Young Talent Committee. After the success and high demand in 2021/22, the mentoring working group is planning to run the mentoring programme again this year. In order to be able to distribute the upcoming tasks over several shoulders in the future, the following new members of the Young Talent Committee could also be inspired to work in the Mentoring Working Group: Ken Wackermann, Martin Ecke, Mohsen Samadi Khoshkhoo, Christian Baron. The Working Group for the Promotion of Children and Young People is planning a lab visit with children and pupils for April. The study handbook is revised by the working group of the same name. The upcoming print versions should be distributed to grammar schools with a scientific background in order to make pupils aware of materials science and materials engineering.

Outlook for 2023

Sustainable promotion of young talent, recruitment of young talent at vocational schools for materials testers and the cooperation of the Young Talent Committee with BVMatWerk e.V., Studientag Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik e.V. (StMW) and with the German Academy of Sciences (acatech) and the strategic orientation of the committee for membership recruitment were other central topics in the discussion. The aim is to increase the public presentation of the Young-DGM. For this purpose, Dr. Pedro Portella offered to revise the homepage of the StMW together with MatWerk students.

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