The DGM Regional Panel Erlangen

The Department of Materials Science at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is characterized by a long tradition in materials science and engineering and is at the same time one of the internationally visible departments in Germany in the field of materials research.

The DGM Regional Forum is intended to serve as a suitable communication platform for materials research issues in the region. This organizes regular meetings as well as the professional exchange of experience between all partners up to the interested public. Specifically, this includes a periodic series of lectures in which professors report on their industry-relevant research and work priorities as well as leading industry representatives on research and development topics of interest in the field of materials science. 

School excursions are to serve to secure the next generation of students. The establishment of a university laboratory for schoolchildren is planned to communicate in good time the attractiveness of studying materials engineering in close cooperation with the region's high schools.
Through these measures, the DGM Regional Forum is also intended to inspire and consolidate the common bond between the stakeholders and the DGM and thus also contribute to securing young talent for the DGM itself.

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