2nd DisoMAT 2023 - Take a look at the confirmed contributions!

The contributions that have been accepted for the "2nd International School and Conference on Disorder in Materials Science - DisoMAT 2023" are now available for you to take a look at them.

Submission of contributions has already closed, however you still have time to submit a poster until 01 June 2023.  Don't miss the opportunity to present your work in Plankstetten (Bavaria) and online during the DisoMAT 2023 taking place from 19 - 21 June 2023.

We remind you to book your ticket in advance so that you can be part of the conference.

Confirmed contributions Book participation

Plenary Speakers: 

Prof. Dr. Hui Cao
Yale University, US
"Harnessing Disorder for Photonic Device Applications"

Prof. Dr. Willem Vos
University of Twente, NL

Invited Sprecher: 

Prof. Ady Arie
Tel Aviv University, IL
"Emulating spin glass dynamics using disordered nonlinear optical interactions"

Dr. Arti Agrawal
University of Technology Sydney, AU
"Propagation of vector beams through atmospheric turbulence"

Prof. Dr. Claudio Conti
University of Rome, IT
"Photonic Machine Learning by Disordered Materials"

Prof. Dr. Luca Dal Negro
Boston University, US
"Enhanced light-matter interactions in multifractal and hyperuniform media"

Dr. Pedro David García
Spanish National Research Council, ES
"Dirty and messy cavity-optomechanics"

Prof. Stephen Hughes
Queen’s University, Kingston, CA
"Slowlight photonic crystal waveguides – the fabrication disorder problem, correlated disorder, and (socalled) topological protection"

Prof. Cefe López
Spanish National Research Council, ES
"Random Lasers for Photonic Neural Networks"

Prof. Dr. Arash Mafi
University of New Mexico, US
"Embracing Disorder in Optical Fibers: Transverse Anderson Localization, Gain, and Nonlinearity"

Prof. Stefan Rotter
Vienna University of Technology, AT
"Customizing disordered media and the wave fields passing through them for optimized transmission"

Prof. Frank Scheffold
University of Fribourg, CH
"Light scattering from disordered colloidal aggregates on a hierarchy of length scales"

Prof. Dr. Ullrich Steiner
Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, CH
"Order-Disorder interplay in biological photonic materials"

Bart van Tiggelen
University Grenoble Alpes, FR
"3D Anderson Localization of Light and the Destructive Role of Longitudinal Waves"

Prof. Dr. Diederik Wiersma
University of Florence, IT
"Applications of disordered photonics"


Contributions from academia and industry are invited for all topics.

Be part of the 2nd DisoMAT and submit your poster contribution by 01 June 2023.

The Program Committee of the 2nd DisoMAT looks forward to your participation.

Prof. Dr. Cordt Zollfrank
Technische Universität München, Germany
Chair of the conference

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