Only 4 days until Friction 2024: The Eisarena Oberhof and enriching presentations await you

The time has come: Friction 2024, the 6th European Symposium on Friction, Wear and Wear Protection, is just around the corner. From 26 - 27 February, participants can look forward to a varied program in Oberhof and online - including an excursion to Eisarena Oberhof.

Friction 2024 will focus on the latest developments in materials and coatings designed for extremely low friction and wear. In view of the increasing importance of e-mobility, wind energy and environmentally friendly lubricants, a differentiated understanding of the underlying microscopic mechanisms in tribological contacts is essential.

Sliding Through the Eisarena Oberhof 

The highlight of the varied symposium is the excursion to the Eisarena in Oberhof on the second day of the event. Our firsthand visit to the ice arena confirmed what we already suspected: The excursion will be extraordinary! Participants will gain an insight into the complex subject of tribology. In particular, the connection between tribology and luge sport will be emphasized. The opportunity to test the bobsleigh run in person provides adrenalin and gives the excursion a special dimension. There are still a few remaining spots available for the trip to the ice arena. Reserve your spot now! 

Diverse Program

The 6th European Symposium on Friction, Wear and Wear Protection offers a wide range of opportunities to deepen your specialist knowledge on the subject of friction with its extensive program. 5 keynote speeches, 32 lectures and 8 oral poster presentations await you. Friction thus provides a central platform for researchers, experts and interested parties to discuss the latest developments in the fields of friction, wear and wear protection and to engage in dialogue with each other. The following main topics will take center stage: 

A: Wear resistant alloys

B: Low friction coatings

C: Ceramics and ceramic matrix composites

D: Polymers and polymer composites

E: Additively manufactured Tribosystems

F: Material-lubricant interactions

Friction Down, Efficiency Up – Special Session “Joint Sslip Supra Slide”

Another program highlight is the special session "Joint SSliP Supra Slide". This special session deals with the global challenge of reducing friction. Friction is responsible for 25% of global energy consumption and 75% of mechanical failures, so reducing it opens up considerable economic opportunities. The SSliP initiative is concerned with the integration of structural lubricity in two-dimensional materials using granular physics and tribochemistry. The aim is to facilitate the development of advanced lubrication technologies to improve the energy efficiency of machines and the reliability of systems.

At Friction 2024, you can expect an enriching exchange with colleagues. Take this opportunity to expand your personal expertise and network professionally. There are still a few places available. Sign up now!

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