The path to a Young-DGM local group
How to start a Young-DGM local group?

A DGM member can apply for the founding of a Young-DGM local group via the Young Talent Committee at the Executive Board. The application should be accompanied by a short description (max. 1 page), which specifies the goals of the yDGM local group, activities, target groups and contributors. In addition, the applicants should describe their ideas for the continuation of the yDGM local group and its continuation.

The application must include the following

  • Application to the Executive Board to establish a yDGM local group
  • Name, position, etc. of the sustaining members of the yDGM local group
  • Provisional spokesperson and vice spokesperson of the local group
  • Participating universities and non-university institutions with contact person
  • General and specific goals of the local group

Timing of the request for establishment

  • The application for establishment should be received approximately four weeks prior to meeting of the Executive Board.
  • After a positive decision of the Executive Board of the DGM for the founding of the new local group, the group may start its work immediately.
  • Subsequently, the announcement of the foundation and the presentation of the foundation certificate takes place.

For the yDGM local group the bylaws of the DGM are binding. Everything not regulated by these bylaws, is determined by the superordinate statutes of the DGM. If the rbylaws of the jDGM contradict the statutes of the DGM in a regulation, this regulation is void.

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