DLR-ESA Joint Announcement of Opportunity for Parabolic Flight Electro-Magnetic Levitation Experiments (AO-TEMPUS-2024)

The German Space Agency at DLR and the European Space Agency (ESA) jointly announce the call for proposals for the TEMPUS experiment, to be conducted during the 43rd DLR parabolic flight campaign in 2024. This initiative seeks to select a number of samples and experiment cycles for research in solidification physics and materials properties under microgravity conditions.


The DLR and ESA invite the scientific community to participate in a groundbreaking opportunity to conduct Electromagnetic Levitation (EML) experiments aboard the upcoming 43rd DLR parabolic flight campaign. Scheduled for 9 – 20 September 2024, this campaign will include three flight days, each featuring 31 parabolas, providing unique conditions for advanced materials science research.

The TEMPUS facility, central to this call, enables containerless processing of conductive liquids in a microgravity environment, facilitating detailed studies on solidification mechanisms and the measurement of thermophysical properties. This research is crucial for enhancing the predictive accuracy of numerical models for casting and solidification processes, with significant implications for manufacturing on Earth.

This announcement targets the selection of innovative experiments focusing on the microstructure formation and properties of materials. It is a unique chance for both established and new researchers, including those who have not previously engaged with TEMPUS or served as Principal Investigators, to contribute to the cutting-edge of materials science research. The call emphasizes the novelty of proposed samples and experiments, encouraging collaborations that optimize resource use and advance our understanding of materials science in space conditions.

Eligibility extends to scientific teams from Germany for submissions to the DLR and from ESA member or associated member states contributing to the SciSpacE program for submissions to ESA. The call welcomes joint proposals, international collaborations, and inquiries from scientists in countries not directly contributing to the SciSpacE program about participation through national space organizations.

Proposals are to be submitted by 26 April 2024. For further information on submission details, eligibility, and the TEMPUS experiment, please visit the official ESA website.


This call represents a significant step towards leveraging microgravity research for the advancement of materials science, with potential widespread benefits for industrial and consumer goods manufacturing on Earth.

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