CLASCO Project at the 1st RCAA Virtual Symposium

Bridging continents through science, the 1st RCAA Virtual Symposium in Materials Science and Engineering fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and showcased cutting-edge advancements by Argentinean researchers in Germany.

The 1st RCAA Virtual Symposium in Materials Science and Engineering, held at DLR in Cologne, Germany, was an important gathering of Argentinean scientists based in Germany. The event took place on 2 and 3 May 2024 and featured a series of activities that allowed for rich discussions and valuable networking among peers.

A highlight was the presentation by Prof. Andrés Lasagni on the innovative CLASCO project. Lasagni discussed advances in laser surface texturing and its impact on improving material properties, a promising development in the field of materials science.

The symposium was not just about presentations. Participants also enjoyed a guided tour of DLR's Materials Research Institute and the European Space Agency's Astronaut Training Center, adding a practical perspective to the theoretical discussions.

The event was organized by the Network of Argentinean Scientists in Germany, with the aim of promoting collaboration and the exchange of ideas among professionals in the field.

It highlighted the robust scientific exchange between Germany and Argentina, demonstrating the dynamic research activities and capabilities within the Argentine scientific community abroad.

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