Official CLASCO Project Video

We are delighted to present the official CLASCO project video, which provides an in-depth insight into our innovative journey.

This video briefly introduces our partners and outlines the motivation and objectives of the CLASCO project and is divided into key sections:

- Introduction: Examines the traditional production of complex parts and its limitations.

- Project overview: Andrés Lasagni, the project coordinator from the Technical University of Dresden, gives a general overview of the CLASCO project.

- Optimised designs through additive manufacturing: Presents weight reduction through optimised design and additive manufacturing processes.

- Polishing and surface functionalisation: Demonstrates the laser-based polishing process with microscope images and expert commentary from Thomas Burry, the CEO of SYLAS.

- In-line monitoring: Highlights the use of infrared cameras and plasma sensors for real-time monitoring.

- AI and Machine Learning Integration: Describes the AI solutions integrated into the CLASCO machine.

- Use Cases: Presents five real-world use cases from consortium members.

- Sustainability Assessments: Includes insights on sustainability from Gesa Beck, CEO of ABCircular.

The CLASCO machine and its components are explained in detail, demonstrating the highlight of our collaborative efforts. Consortium members and interviews play a crucial role in narrating this journey, providing a full understanding of the impact and innovation of the project.

Our consortium includes: ABCircular GmbH, Airbus Defence and Space, CATEC, CT Ingenieros A.A.I. S.L., DePuy Synthes, German Society for Materials Science (DGM), New Infrared Technologies (NIT), nLIGHT plasmo, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, SurFunctionGmbH, SYLAS, Technische Universität Dresden, Z Prime.

We would like to thank Andrés Lasagni, Thomas Burry, Gesa Beck, Antonio Barrera, Antonio Periñán Butrón, Marco Garcia Catalan, Eddie Kavanagh, Sebastian Slawik, Ignacio López Cabañas, Christoph Steiger, Steve Bageritz, Dominik Britz and Morad Danishvar for participating in our interviews, which will be published in full alongside.


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