Joint Committee
Composite Materials

The Joint Committee Composites Materials is supported by the German Materials Society (DGM), the German Society for Electroplating and Surface Technology (DGO), the German Glass Technology Society (DGG), the German Ceramic Society (DKG), the German Welding Society (DVS), the VDI Society for Materials Technology (VDI), and the Carbon United (CU). 

The central task of the Joint Committee Composites is the preparation and organization of the biennial conference "Composites and Material Composites", one of the largest German-language conferences, which deals with these topics comprehensively from a scientific as well as an industrial point of view over three days. An industrial trade fair accompanies the event.

Connecting organizations, crossing subject boundaries

In the German-speaking world, the organizations represented are strongly divided according to specific material groups. With the advent of composite materials, it was quickly recognized that this impedes the frequently necessary cross-border communication. For this reason, the conference "Composites and Material Composites" was established as early as the mid-seventies to enable a regular open exchange between scientists and industrial users without confinement to specific material groups. This idea was so well received by both the organizations and the participants that well over 20 conferences have already been held. The topics covered are varied and always take account of current developments. For example, starting with the original polymer-based glass and carbon fiber composites, MMC and CMC have also attracted a great deal of attention. Topics such as renewable raw materials, sustainability, and, most recently, generative manufacturing of composites are also presented and discussed.

Core topics of the conference Composites and Material Composites

  • Polymer matrix composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites.
  • Hybrid composites, sandwich structures, cellular materials.
  • Joining, manufacturing, additive processes, handling.
  • Modelling, simulation, material design.
  • Recycling, repair, applications.

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