Expert Committee
Materials Modelling, Simulation and Data

Modelling and simulation methods have become a reliable tool in materials science and engineering over the last two decades. They provide new insights into material properties and the role of the underlying microstructure. The former Expert Committee Simulation has contributed significantly to this development and was transferred to the Expert Committee Materials Modelling, Simulation and Data in 2020 to accommodate new developments in data-driven approaches and analysis methods from the field of data science. At the same time, the combination of simulation and "data science" in particular is becoming increasingly important. The Expert Committee initiates and coordinates the exchange between Ph.D. students and experienced scientists from industry and academia. The organizational and strategic management is carried out by the chairperson and his/her deputy, who is supported in an advisory capacity by the members of the Coordination Working Group.

The further development of modelling approaches and simulation methods in materials science and engineering makes it possible to design materials already in the computer, to test them in virtual computer experiments, or to compare them directly with experimental data. At the same time, the use of methods from data science, such as statistical learning or deep learning-based approaches, opens up a range of new and promising approaches, where the future influences on materials science are not yet foreseeable. This topic is accompanied by a whole series of open questions, for example how the "domain knowledge" of materials science and engineering could be taken into account in corresponding methods and models. An important interconnection of all topics are research data management and digitization in materials science, which are becoming more and more prominent in the era of "data-based methods" and are of great importance, especially for data-intensive simulations or analyses.


  • Development and application of material modeling and computer simulation.

  • Discussion of data science and AI methods in materials science.

  • Bundling and dissemination of activities around the topic of research data.

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