Joint Committee
High Performance Ceramics

The committee is organized by the German Ceramic Society (DKG) and the German Materials Society (DGM).

The field of work of the Joint Committee covers the manufacture, properties, and application of high performance ceramics as well as the scientific fundamentals, including for monolithic materials, fiber-reinforced ceramic materials, coatings on/through ceramic materials, etc. In addition, the Joint Committee deals with training and professional development issues.


  • Intensification and maintenance of cooperation between science and industry in the field of high performance ceramics and its application.
  • Addressing jointly interesting industrial and scientific issues in the field of new high performance ceramics and manufacturing and processing technologies for applications in future fields.
  • Identification of medium- and long-term research and development fields in the context of the development of roadmaps.
  • Initiation of research tasks to develop a scientifically sound understanding of the fundamentals of the interrelationships between the manufacture, microstructure and nanostructure of ceramic materials and their application-related functional properties.
  • Initiation of research and development projects: Joint projects between universities, research institutes and industry.
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary exchange of experience between manufacturers, users of high performance ceramics with scientific and business-related research institutions.
  • Cooperation with technical-scientific societies at national, European, and international level.
  • Holding joint meetings and coordinating the work of the various sub-working groups or expert committees of both societies.

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