Expert Committee

Aluminum contributes to a resource-neutral, sustainable and livable present and remains a material of the future. The DGM Expert Committee on Aluminum is one of the most renowned committees of the DGM. As a multidisciplinary communication platform with its working groups, it deals with both current and future-oriented issues of industry and science at the interface between scientific fundamental and industrially applied perspectives. In order to adapt to constantly changing framework conditions, the focal points are aligned with current demands, which are specified by the market, the legislature or from an ecological point of view.

A special focus is to identify short- to long-term research needs from industry - and industry-related areas and to communicate them to the research communities in a timely manner. This guarantees the agility and efficiency of industrial decision-making processes. This is to be done on the basis of measurable indicators and to accelerate the implementation of new technologies into future products as well as to mitigate "today's product challenges". With its excellent network of universities, research institutes, industry, professional and industrial associations, Expert Committee Aluminium aims to make a significant contribution to the achievement of both socio-political and economic goals.

Departure into the future / Future now

As a lightweight and designer material, aluminium has positively changed countless products and industries in recent decades. In the current context of increasing electrification and legislative environmental regulations on energy and resource conservation, including CO2 emissions, a further realization of efficient lightweight solutions is required. This brings us a significant step closer to achieving a green footprint. Improved material properties and technical innovations in the entire value chain with digital networking up to the "end of life" demand a closed cycle ("circular economy") or make it necessary to pursue more in-depth approaches to recycling with, in part, new objectives "from cradle to grave".


Becoming fit for the future, growing together

To meet the forthcoming requirements, the following topics are being examined in depth by the Aluminium Expert Committee in cooperation with other Expert Committees and working groups: Lightweight construction - "Consistent lightweight construction" as an interactive, holistic solution; Green aluminium, ICEM (Integrated Computational Material Engineering), digitalization, 3D printing aluminium, accompanying elements, Eco Design, LCA (Life Cycle Analysis). The primary objective of the Expert Committee Aluminium is to bring university institutions and industrial companies closer together on the above-mentioned key topics and to accelerate the implementation of new technologies in future products with measurable indicators. This is to be achieved, among other things, by creating a joint platform and motivating new R&D projects in these fields. The Expert Committee initiates research initiatives and development projects, for example of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. (AiF) and facilitates cooperation in the working group "Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Aluminium and Magnesium" of GfKORR (Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz e.V.). Here, there is an agreement on reduced dual membership between the DGM and GfKORR. Also, the Expert Committee Aluminium organizes events, training courses, seminars, and conferences such as the International Conference on Aluminium Alloys (ICAA) and the International Congress on the Science and Technology of Light Materials (LightMat).


  • Interactive exchange of experience between science, industry, trade, and industry associations with corresponding technology/working groups within the European framework.
  • Addressing current industrially and scientifically relevant issues in the fields of consistent lightweight construction, green aluminum, digitalization, 3D printed aluminum, Eco Design, LCA, recycling, accompanying elements
  • Initiation of joint research and development projects with universities, research institutes, and industry
  • Initiation and organization of conferences on current fields related to aluminum materials/processes/technologies, material characterization, application, etc.
  • Training through seminars (DGM etc.)

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