Expert Committee
High-Temperature Sensor Technology

Requirements for industrial processes and energy conversion include high efficiency, environmental compatibility, and tolerance to the type and quality of primary energy. High-temperature processes are very often used in the above-mentioned areas. Consequently, sensors that can be used under extreme conditions form crucial components for controlling and optimizing new and existing processes.

The technical committee is looking at sensor and material development for working temperatures above 350 °C. The result of sensors in line with requirements is largely determined by the materials available and their properties. This applies in particular to high-temperature sensors since stability and function depend on material-specific and strongly temperature-dependent properties and the interaction with the environment.


  • Materials research with particular reference to high-temperature sensor technology in the fields of energy conversion, environmental technology, and mobility
  • Selection, investigation, and evaluation of potential physical and chemical effects concerning their high-temperature suitability
  • Creation of the interface between academia and industry by matching new principles and industrial needs as well as network formation
  • Preparation of research and development work to initiate overarching research and development projects

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