Joint Committee
Materials Technology Steel

The newly founded Joint Committee focuses on alloy design, heat treatment and surface technology (including hydrogen issues) in modern steels. Here, microstructural property relationships are the central subject, which are investigated in both fundamental and practice-oriented pre-competitive research and development projects. In close cooperation with other technical committees and working groups of the AWT and DGM, topics on metallography, materials testing, digitization and simulation of steel (structural, mechanical engineering and pressure vessel steels, stainless and heat-resistant steels, tool steels) are considered.

The DGM and AWT antitrust rules apply at the meetings.


  • Exchange and networking between research, development and application.
  • Organization of lectures, presentations and their compilation into suitable publications.
  • Preparation of pre-competitive research (AiF, ZIM, and others).
  • Development of coordinated research programs (EU, BMBF, DFG, etc.).
  • Cooperation between professional societies (especially VDEh).
  • Involvement of young talent (students, engineers and scientists) in research and development.
  • Public relations for the field.

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