Working Group of the Expert Committee Material Behavior under Mechanical Stress
Mechanical Material Behavior at High Temperature

The mechanical behavior of materials under demanding, often corrosive conditions at high temperatures is of great importance in areas such as energy conversion and mobility. Characterization of the mechanical properties and an understanding of the underlying deformation and damage mechanisms is essential for predicting the service life of the components used and enables the targeted further development of modern high-temperature materials. This serves to improve the components and to make more efficient use of the resources employed.

The use of components at a high temperature requires knowledge of the mechanical behavior of the materials used under these conditions. High-temperature deformation includes processes such as creep, relaxation, cyclic deformation (LCF, HCF), thermomechanical fatigue (TMF), and combined loading. High-temperature materials such as high-temperature steels and cast irons, Ni- and Co-based alloys, refractory alloys, intermetallic alloys, precious metal alloys, or composites are dealt with, but also protective coatings. In addition to mechanical characterization and the further development of the necessary testing technology, the Working Group deals with topics such as the influence of microstructure on mechanical behavior, microstructural stability, high-temperature corrosion, damage behavior and development, modeling of microstructural changes, and their influence on mechanical properties, and lifetime prediction.


  • Exchange of experience between working groups dealing with the field of mechanical material behavior at high temperatures.

  • Addressing current issues from science and industrial application.

  • Promotion of young scientists by allowing them to present their research work.

  • Initiation of research and development projects as well as symposia within the framework of conferences.

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