Working Group of the Expert Committee Biomaterials

Interfaces play a prominent role in the function of materials and their interaction with their environment. In the biomedical field, artificial interfaces such as artificial implant surfaces can control the integration of implants and prevent surface-induced rejection reactions. For example, tailored surface functionalization of a biosurface ("nano-bio interface") together with optimized surface structuring on multiple size scales can enable the dosed release of drugs.

The focus of the Interfaces working group is the influence of interface properties on biological response and function. A comprehensive understanding of the processes at surfaces of implant materials is necessary to ensure optimal healing. A combination of complementary methods for microscopic and spectroscopic characterization of the biointerface is used to understand the processes at the interface and can enable optimal interface design on different size scales. Furthermore, the dynamics of interfacial processes such as adsorption or degradation processes can be investigated on short-, medium- and long-term time scales and on multiple size scales using, for example, in-situ X-ray experiments and in-situ AFM microscopy. The Working Group Interfaces is an interdisciplinary forum of different disciplines from research and industry, in which all current issues concerning interfaces in contact with the biological system are discussed.


  • Understanding of the interaction of a biological system with material interfaces (inflammatory reactions, protein, and cell interaction, etc.).
  • Investigation of interfacial changes in the implant material (oxidation, degradation, mechanical stability, corrosion, etc.).
  • Definition of future fields.
  • Information exchange and initiation of collaborations and joint project proposals together with industry, university, and non-university institutions.

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