Working Group of the Expert Committee Rolling

The demands placed on modern materials and design solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated due to steadily rising requirements for material and energy efficiency, functional integration, and reduction of installation space. Roll cladding enables the industrial production of material composites with a targeted combination of different metallic materials effectively and economically. Thus, roll cladding enables the realization of application- and function-oriented material concepts for modern solution approaches.

The Working Group Roll-Cladding has existed continuously since 1989 as a subcommittee of the Expert Committee Rolling and deals essentially with the roll cladding process for metallic materials. The members are mainly industrial companies and universities or research institutes that actively use the roll cladding manufacturing process or carry out research and development in this field. One of the main characteristics of the Working Group is a very open and intensive exchange of ideas among the members to gain a deeper understanding of the roll cladding process and, based on this, to enable modern solutions and products and to provide each other with mutual assistance for complex detailed questions. In this context, specific projects and investigations are often jointly supported and implemented within the Working Group. These are financially supported by the participating members and can have both basic character and very specific detailed questions as objectives. Besides, external speakers and experts are often invited to the meetings to give presentations on peripheral processes and technologies.


  • Practice-oriented exchange on roll cladding and its sub-aspects.

  • Enhancement of the understanding of the process and its periphery.

  • Implementation of joint projects and research projects.

  • Deepening cooperation and collegial, professional exchange.

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